Teddy Bear Class (Age 1-4 years)

Parents work with their child to help develop the skills of crawling, standing, walking, jumping, hopping, turning and gliding on the ice.

Tot 1-4 (Age 1-4 years)

Test maneuvers are broken down into smaller parts so that beginners can easily learn and master the skills.

Tot 1 (Age 3-5 years)

Instruction includes standing on ice, falling/getting up properly, marching in place, marching while moving, two foot jump in place, forward swizzle, standing still and moving swizzle.

Tot 2 (Age 3-5 years)

Instruction includes preparation for beginning stroke, snowplow stops, teapot glide, forward and backward swizzles, backward wiggle, right/left foot T-position and push.

Tot 3/4 (Ages 3-5 years)

Skaters will refine the skill of skating on one foot, stopping and beginning crossovers.

Pre-Alpha to Delta (all ages)

Beginner level step-by-step progression of skills makes learning fun and fast! It's important to master these skating "basics" before moving on to higher levels of achievement.