Subregion 1 Planning Area

Planning Area

  • PA 60 - Northwestern Area
  • PA 61 - Fairland-Beltsville
  • PA 62 - South Laurel-Montpelier
  • PA 64 - Agricultural Research Center

Project Planner

See Community Planners responsible.


Subregion I is located in northern Prince George's County and is bordered by Montgomery, Howard and Anne Arundel Counties. There are no municipalities in the Subregion. However, it is adjacent to the City of Laurel which has its own planning and zoning authority. Planning Area 64 consists largely of Federal properties such as the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center and NASA. Federal properties have their own master plan and are not subject to the County's land use regulations.

Statistics (US Census 2000)

  • 2010 Subregion 1 Approved Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment
  • Master Plan and Other Publications Approved Plan and SMA
  • Number of dwellings: 21,000 (approximately)
  • Population: 55,000 (approximately)
  • Size of planning area: 44 square miles

Plan Updates/Amendments (2009-2010)